HEINEKEN Vietnam recognized among top 3 most sustainable businesses in Vietnam for 8 years running

The company also named in top 5 businesses leading in circularity and decarbonization, brewing Heineken® with 100% renewable energy in Vietnam

Hanoi, December 14, 2023 – Today, HEINEKEN Vietnam has been recognized among the top 3 most sustainable businesses in Vietnam for the 8th consecutive year at the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) Ranking 2023 program.  The company is honored among the top 2 most sustainable businesses in Vietnam in the manufacturing sector, and top 5 pioneering businesses in circularity and decarbonization in Vietnam in 2023.

Presented by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the Vietnamese Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD-VCCI), the CSI Ranking is considered the most prestigious award honoring 100 Most Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam every year. This year, the award categories have been expanded to cover businesses leading in implementing circularity and decarbonization; and in promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion - both at the workplace and in the community.

HEINEKEN Việt Nam được công nhận là một trong 3 doanh nghiệp phát triển  bền vững nhất Việt Nam năm thứ 8 liên tiếp 

"It is a great honor for HEINEKEN Vietnam to be recognized among thetop 3 most sustainable companies in Vietnam for 8 years in a row.Sustainability has always been central to how we brew, promote, and sell our beers. It is the way we run our business and stay close to the local community – in both good and challenging times," – shared Mr. Alexander Koch, Managing Director, HEINEKEN Vietnam. “In a difficult 2023, we have continued to move closer to the company’s sustainability ambition. Towards the future, however, the increasing challenges in this field will require more collaboration and collective actions, from all of us across industries and sectors," – Mr. Koch reiterated. 

Chung tay hành động

In 2023, HEINEKEN Vietnam has continued multiple actions and collaborative efforts towards realizing the company’s sustainability vision of “Brewing a Better Vietnam” – across three key paths.


On Path to Zero Impact

HEINEKEN Vietnam is currently running its brewing and production on 96% renewable energy. The company has reduced the total carbon emissions by 87% compared to 2018. Heineken®, one of HEINENEN Vietnam’s most premium brands, is now being brewed with 100% renewable energy. This means the thermal energy and electricity used in brewing Heineken® products are coming from renewable sources. Towards the future, HEINEKEN Vietnam is also exploring some bolder and more comprehensive renewable electricity solutions, such as the Direct Power Purchase Agreements (DPPA) and solar energy systems. All 6 HEINEKEN Vietnam breweries are also sending zero waste to landfill – a goal achieved ahead of time as the company has maximized circularity in production.  

At the same time, HEINEKEN Vietnam continues to roll out water conserving efforts in the Red River, Dong Nai River, and Tien River basins in collaboration with WWF-Vietnam and partners. With a total investment of 30 billion VND from HEINEKEN Vietnam, this multi-year partnership aims to protect critical watersheds and replenish 3 billion liters of water a year. 


On Path to an Inclusive, Fair, and Equitable World

Staying committed to growing together with Vietnam and Vietnamese people, HEINEKEN Vietnam in 2022 alone contributed an equivalence of 1.04% to the country’s total GDP, supported 246,000 jobs throughout the value chain, and dedicated 11.6 billion VND to supporting needy communities. 

At the workplace, HEINEKEN Vietnam is passionately promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Currently, 3/6 HEINEKEN Vietnam’s breweries are being run by female leaders. The company also stays fully compliant to equal pay and fair living wage. 


On Path to Moderation and No Harmful Use

In 2022, HEINEKEN Vietnam dedicated 10% of Heineken® brand’s communication budget to promoting responsible drinking and continued to invest behind Heineken® 0.0. By the end of 2023, the company will be celebrating its 13years of partnership with the National Traffic Safety Committee, through which a range of “When you drive, never drink” initiatives have been carried out over the years.  

Commenting on the achievement of HEINEKEN Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice Chairman of VCCI and President of VBCSD-VCCI said "HEINEKEN Vietnam has made some remarkable progress in transitioning to renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and maximizing circularity during the past year. Staying among the 3 most sustainable businesses in Vietnam for 8 running years, especially in a challenging 2023, is definitely a testament for the strong commitment and continued effort the company is putting into sustainability.” 

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