HEINEKEN Vietnam rolls out water conserving effort in the Tien River basin

Tien Giang, November 11th, 2023 - HEINEKEN Vietnam, in partnership with WWF-Vietnam and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development continues to roll out the joint effort for water conservation in the watershed of the Red, Dong Nai and Tien River. Following the same activities in the Red and Dong Nai river basins in 2022 and early 2023, HEINEKEN Vietnam and partners are providing strategic consultation and design of the hydrological system, with the aim to restore water resources in the Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism and Conservation Area in the watershed of the Tien River.

This is part of a 4-year water conservation partnership funded by HEINEKEN Vietnam, with a total commitment of 30 billion VND over 4 years. The program is set to strengthen water resources management in three critical river basins of Vietnam and conserve 3 billion liters of water annually until 2025. The key activities carried out in this area include strategic consultation, afforestating and tendering, planting native vegetation, improving water quality and access to water for local people. The program also aims at raising awareness for water resources among the local communities. 

 HEINEKEN Vietnam rolls out water conserving effort in the Tien River basin

Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism and Conservation Area, on the wetlands along the downstream basin of the Tien River, boasts a diverse water ecosystem with some unique flora and fauna exclusive to the Dong Thap Muoi region. Playing a pivotal role in maintaining and safeguarding the wetland ecosystem, the Ecotourism and Conservation Area significantly contributes to water resources balancing in the Tien River basin. With the pressing demands for arable land and the impact of climate change, however, the habitats and water supply function in this area are facing increasing challenges. HEINEKEN Vietnam and partners targets to improve the ecosystem, protect habitats for birds, and replenish water.

This partnership with WWF-Vietnam and partners is one among the steps HEINEKEN Vietnam is taking towards its ambition of becoming 100% water balanced by 2025 - whereby the company will return to the environment the amount of water going into its products and vaporizing during production. Speaking from Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism and Conservation Area, Mr Le Quang Kiet, Corporate Affairs Director, HEINEKEN Vietnam emphasizes “We are proud to be working in partnership with WWF-Vietnam, Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and local departments to implement water conservation initiatives in three critical river basins of Vietnam. Through a holistic approach, we aim to contribute to improving the environment and become 100% water balanced by 2025.”

On the increasing pressure on Vietnam's water ecosystems, Mr. Le Quang Kiet also highlights the importance of the collaboration between HEINEKEN Vietnam and different organizations and individuals as the company is looking for comprehensive solutions to conserve water and realize its sustainability vision of “Brewing A Better Vietnam”. 

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