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HEINEKEN Vietnam feels very strongly about protecting the personal data that it is entrusted with. We strive to handle personal data with care according to our internal standards and applicable local law, to be transparent on how we use personal data and how individuals can exercise their data privacy rights.



Everyone at HEINEKEN Vietnam is responsible for adhering to the 'HEINEKEN 6 Privacy Principles' and making them part of their daily business practices.

Principle 1: Use Limitation

Define clear business purposes before you start collecting personal data. Limit the use of personal data to what is needed to achieve your business purposes.

Principle 2: Data Minimisation

Only use the personal data that is necessary for the business purpose and restrict access to ‘need-to-know’. Delete the personal data when no longer needed. Keep the personal data up to date and correct.

Principle 3: Sensitive Data

Be extra careful when using sensitive data such as health, religion, social security numbers. Ask the Privacy Officer for advice if you wish to use sensitive data.

Principle 4: Transparency & Rights of Individuals

Communicate about what you do with personal data by means of privacy notices and other statements. Facilitate individuals exercising their rights in respect of their personal data.

Principle 5: Security

Have appropriate organisational and technical security measures in place to protect the personal data from unauthorised and unwanted access or use. Staff accessing the data must be bound by confidentiality obligations.

Principle 6: Third Party Access

Ensure required safeguards are in place when allowing third parties to access the personal data. Additional measures may be needed for international data transfers.



The responsible HEINEKEN Vietnam will inform the relevant individuals about the processing of personal data in a transparent manner. Depending on how and where the personal data is collected, information, will be presented via the appropriate means, for instance in the form of a Privacy Notice/Policy. 

HEINEKEN Vietnam Website Privacy Policy 



Every individual whose personal data we process has the right to request an overview of their personal data. You also have the right to request data rectification or deletion or to revoke your consent for or object to the processing of your personal data. To make a privacy request, please use the process indicate in the applicable Privacy Policy.

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