HEINEKEN Vietnam takes bolder actions towards “Brewing a better Vietnam”

Ho Chi Minh City, 15 June 2023 - HEINEKEN Vietnam today releases its 2022 Sustainability Report, tracking the company’s sustainability progress against its vision and ambitions for “Brewing a Better Vietnam” for the 9th year since the first report in 2013.

In 2022, Vietnam witnessed a strong V-shaped recovery back to pre-pandemic levels and people once again could experience the joy of togetherness, at home or in their frequented bars and restaurants. “Thanks to the resilience and passion of our employees, HEINEKEN Vietnam’s business recovered, allowing us to continue to grow together with Vietnam and the Vietnamese people,” says Mr. Alexander Koch – HEINEKEN Vietnam Managing Director. Mr. Koch highlights especially the significant increase in the number of jobs HEINEKEN Vietnam was able to support in 2022, to 246,000 across the value chain; and in the contribution to the local economy, which was equivalent to 1.04% of Vietnam’s total GDP and a record high since the company started tracking this number in its first Sustainability Report.


While bouncing back with the country economically, HEINEKEN Vietnam was also taking bolder actions in sustainability. “In good and challenging times alike, sustainability and responsibility has been central to how we brew, promote and sell our beers – it is the way we run our business and stay close to the local community. Increasingly, however, sustainability challenges require us to work together,” explained Mr. Alexander Koch when looking back at the bold actions and the collaborative efforts the company launched last year. 

On its Path to Zero Impact for example, HEINEKEN Vietnam has put the last of its 6 breweries on thermal energy from biomass – meaning all beers by HEINEKEN Vietnam are now being brewed with renewable thermal energy. The company has also purchased Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) to cover its full electricity demand, whilst long-term projects are being explored. The company also kickstarted a multi-year partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Vietnam to protect watersheds. With 30 billion VND in total committed to reforestation and water management activities, HEINEKEN Vietnam and partners are working towards replenishing 3 billion litres of water a year and becoming fully water balanced by 2025.


2022 also saw the partnership between HEINEKEN Vietnam and the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) entering its 12th year. The partners have been working together for more than a decade to address road safety and drink-driving, long before enforcement became effective. As the leading brewer in Vietnam, HEINEKEN has been advocating Responsible Consumption and Moderation, with a sizable investment into running communication campaigns to increase public awareness and providing alternative solutions to consumers – such as Heineken® 0.0 or ride-hailing offers.


HEINEKEN Vietnam in 2022 also made a great stride on its Path to an Inclusive, Fair and Equitable World. In a traditionally male-dominant function like Supply Chain, it is encouraging to see 3 out of 6 HEINEKEN Vietnam breweries are being run by women. HEINEKEN Vietnam employees are also getting together for “HEINEKEN Cares” – for volunteering and community work. From planting trees, collecting trash to working with the Vietnam Red Cross Society to prepare meaningful Tet gifts and activities for the needy communities. With this, HEINEKEN Vietnam employees are directly creating a positive impact in their local communities and contributing their part to “Brewing a Better Vietnam”.


2022 saw HEINEKEN Vietnam making steady progress towards its 2025 Sustainability Ambitions of 100% renewable energy, 100% water balance and Zero waste to landfill. The Vietnam company is also contributing to HEINEKEN’s Global Sustainability Ambitions, through 3 paths with the following highlights in 2022: 

Environmental | Path to Zero Impact

  • Zero waste to landfill across 6 breweries
  • 96% renewable energy to brew beers and run breweries 
  • 30 billion VND committed to water conservation  

Social | Path to an Inclusive, Fair and Equitable World: 

  • 50% brewery managers are women 
  • 100% compliance to equal gender pay and fair living wages
  • 11.6 billion VND provided to needy communities  

Responsible | Path to Moderation and no Harmful Use: 

  • 10% of Heineken® media budget spent on responsible drinking campaigns
  • Heineken® 0.0 promoted in Vietnam 
  • 12th year partnership with the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) to address drink-driving

For its continued commitment and effort, HEINEKEN Vietnam in 2022 was recognised among the two most sustainable companies in Vietnam (in the manufacturing sector) by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), making it among the top 3 on this list for the 7th consecutive year. 

The full report can be accessed from the company website: LINK


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