Tiger is Asia’s No. 1 International Premium Beer.

Asia’s No.1 International Premium Beer

Tiger Beer was born in Singapore in 1932 to show the world the “very best of Asia” with its great flavour and quality. Today, Tiger is one of the biggest beer brands in the world, and nowhere is it loved more than in Vietnam.

Each Tiger beer has to go through a strict brewing process which uses only the finest quality ingredients, such as barley grown in Australia and Europe and hops from Germany. These excellent ingredients are mixed together and fermented according to a strict formula to create Tiger’s characteristic flavour.

Tiger Crystal

Tiger Crystal is a new variant of Tiger Beer. This new entrant makes its mark with its unique brewing process called "Cold Suspension". This technique helps to filter the brew at -1 degree Celcius (Crystal Cold), preserving the most desired flavours and aromas for Tiger Crystal. This allows Tiger Crystal to not only meet strict global quality standards, but also bring drinkers a refreshing and easy-to-drink beer.

Tiger Remix

Debuted in 2015, Tiger Remix – the annual music mega - event to welcome New Year has been held in key cities across Vietnam, attracting millions of fans every year. With supreme performances, top notch artists and high-class staging, each Tiger remix brings an unrivaled and uplifing experience.

Tiger Wall

Since 2015 Tiger has inspired Vietnamese fans to “awake your courage”. Tiger Wall has evolved over the years to feature unique challenges, which are continuously innovated every year.

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