Laue – a quality beer since 1909.

Excellent quality since 1909

Larue was first brewed in 1909 by a Frenchman named Victor Larue. This brew is the result of a recipe perfected over 100 years to give Larue its characteristic flavour of a traditional French beer. With its attractive color and refreshing aftertaste thanks to its fine ingredients and European brewing process, Larue has proven its quality since 1909. Biere Larue is perfect for building friendships and connections.

Larue Special

Larue Special was first launched in 2017, utilising the best European technology, choice malts and hops and proven fermentation process. These have all contributed to its premium taste - Laure Special Beer with 4.6% alcohol content has the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness, bringing a unique taste to its fans.

Larue Special Beer Festival

The Larue Special beer festival bought great moments to Larue fans in Da Nang and Ca Mau. Participants enjoyed activities like Larue Special games, Lion Dance, Music performances and free samples of Larue Special. Keep an eye out for the next Larue Special beer festival!

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