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Privacy Policy:

Welcome to our HEINEKEN Vietnam Brewery website: heineken-vietnam.com.vn. HEINEKEN Vietnam Brewery is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Security policies are set up to protect privacy when you visit our web site at www.heineken-vietnam.com.vn or any domain names or other sites we are using. Here is how we collect and use your personal data (collectively referred to as "personal information"). Your Personal Information to be identified called "personally identifiable information" ("PII").

By accessing the site you agree to use (including the transfer) of information as described below.

 1. The information that we collect and the means of gathering information.

When you visit a web page, the server automatically acquire certain data that your web browser sends whenever you visit any website, such as your Internet Protocol code ("IP") and information relating to pages viewed (e.g. using cookies). When you visit the site, we collect information that you voluntarily log in (e.g. via the online registration form), such as email addresses, contact information and any optional services of you (i.e. you choose to receive information from us in the future). If you contact us, we may keep a copy of the information which is considered your personal identification (PII). If you register to access web pages, you may choose to upload or post personal information on the website forum of the form and content of information provided. Any content or information included is not considered personally identifiable information (PII) and will depend on the security policy.

 2. How your personal information is used?

We only use IP addresses to help diagnose problems with a server, and to administer this website. We only use personal information you provide for the stated purpose or for other lawful purposes. Where the partners of our services (e.g. ISP host or webmaster) use the personal information of visitors to its website and web services and inform users of new features, services, products and new information, the visitor will be officially notified. This allows a certain number of partners to send the visitor information related to the site's service but are not necessarily referring to the operation of the website. In relation to information you voluntarily provide personal information and required registration information can be denied, and the visitor can choose to use certain services or features of the site.

3. Cookies

Websites use cookies tools. A cookie is a small file containing identification codes.

Your computer accepts the cookie and stores it. When you return to the site, the code automatic identification code is restored, allowing it to identify a person or a computer. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including providing personalized web pages and to identify the language of your choice. Cookies do not harm your computer but if you do not want your computer to accept cookies, please see the help section of your Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), where you will find the necessary instructions to perform.

 4. Understanding the Internet

Whenever you voluntarily post personal identifiable information (PII) in the forums on the site, you need to know that information can be accessed by others and can be used by people others to send unwanted information. Please consider carefully beore you provide any information.

 5. Different sites

Our website may contain links to other websites which are outside the control of and are not covered by the terms of the Privacy Policy. If you follow the access path provided for on other sites, the operators of these sites may store and use your information, thus the terms of our privacy do not apply in this case.

 6. Security of your personal information

After we receive your personal information, we will try using security methods, techniques and management security to prevent unauthorized access. However, we can not guarantee the security of any personal information provided to us via email or online forms because while being transmitted to us, the internet is not completely safe. Any such transmission does contain risk. We do not assume any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system while you are using the interactive features of the site. We suggest that you always run antivirus software on all material downloaded from the Internet. HEINEKEN Vietnam Brewery and Internet partners must comply with the national legislation when specified personal information is being provided, and this information can be disclosed for the purpose of good and necessary to (a) comply in accordance with the legal provisions of the web site owners/ administrators; (b) protect and define the rights and property of the site owner/ administrator, site, customers or owners of the site; or (c) urgent action to protect the personal safety of visitors or the public.

 7. Updated Privacy Policy

HEINEKEN Vietnam Brewery has the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason without obligation to provide any information on this site. When updating or changing the privacy policy, we will update the changes on this page and notify it in the homepage. By accessing this web site, you must confirm and agree that you will be bound by any modifications. We suggest that you visit the privacy policy section of this page periodically to update the terms and conditions of use.

8. Languages

Note that the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use displayed on the site ("confidential document") has been prepared in Vietnamese and has been translated into English. In the case of any confidential material (or any part of confidential documents) are translated into any language other than Vietnamese and conflicts in meaning between the Vietnamese version and the translated version may prevail.



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