Building purposeful brands

Tiger brand diversified its strategic approach in 2019 to be a leading brand with a purpose. Tiger turned waste into Value in order to sustain its brand performance while at the same time improve local infrastructure which indirectly supports local economic growth. The Tiger cap collection campaign involves the collection of tons of bottle caps which are then recycled and support to build bridges for communities. It demonstrates our belief that innovative brand building activities can create shared value for the economy and environment while making meaningful contributions to society. The project began in 2018, and doubled in scale this year, with twice the number of outlets participating and caps collected.

Integrated Data Driven Marketing (iDDM) & Data Driven Sales (DDS) Launch

Consumer behaviour is changing fast as new technologies are constantly emerging. Our digital transformation journey at HEINEKEN Vietnam has reframed how we develop our brand strategy. To make better informed decisions, we use different sources of data and embrace new technologies such as machine learning and AI. We saw that using integrated Data Driven Marketing (iDDM) in our Heineken® Silver campaign resulted in campaign effectiveness increasing by 2x versus the normal. We have been piloting sales strategies and using Data Driven Sales, which has changed our way of working and how we use data to make decisions.

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