Championing carbon-neutrality through flagship projects in vietnam

Vung Tau Brewery

The First carbon neutral brewery in HEINEKEN Asia Pacific Region that will run on 100% renewable electrical and thermal energy

Da Nang Brewery

Recycling sludge to fertiliser for the fruit and vegetable garden on-site, resulting in 20kgs of vegetables per day for employee meals

Ho Chi Minh Brewery: Pilots liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery from fermentation process

Usually, liquid CO2 (CO2 gas that is highly compressed and cooled into a liquid form) is obtained by burning fossil fuel. By optimizing the CO2 recovery process during fermentation, CO2 can be recovered and turned into liquid CO2 which is then reused onsite or sold for other industrial use. The recovered CO2 helps reduce HEINEKEN’s emissions from the fermentation process, while also enabling other companies to avoid emissions caused from the liquid CO2 production process. Liquid CO2 is used widely in various industries. Examples of various uses are in the production of life jackets, in the entertainment industry to achieve special effects such as fogs and hazes or for refrigeration, preservation, storage and softening in the food industry. Since October 2019, 866,000 kg of CO2 has been recovered (equivalent to the emission from burning of approximately 323,000 litter of diesel) generating 110,000 EUR revenue within 5 months at one of our breweries.

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