Bivina is a smooth and refreshing beer brewed with a special formula.

Work is done, let’s Bivina!

Bivina is a high quality yet affordable beer with a smooth and refreshing taste. Bivina has been in the market for over 20 years, and is a favourite to its loyal followers.

Bivina Export – Perfect Taste

Launched in January, 2019, Bivina Export is the new product from Bivina. Brewed in standard brewery, selective ingredient sources from strictly self- contained process, researched on rigorous taste, ABV, color,… Bivina Export with 4.3% ABV is a smooth, refreshing and delightful beer. With exports’ quality, reasonable price, the brand new Bivina Export is a perfect choice for celebration with your buddies.

Bivina Beer Festival – “Refreshing fishing village”

With desire to provide entertainment and create an exciting playground to rural residents, Bivina Export is the first to organize a massive beer festival in some Midside coastal areas. Beer festival “Bivina – Refreshing fishing village” is a series of interesting activities and participation of special singers, promise to be the most exciting and relaxing experience.

Bivina – Pride of Pearl Island

Since first launched in 1997, Bivina has been warmly welcomed by majority of Phu Quoc’ residents. Throughout more than 20 years of growth, Bivina has become an inseparable part of islanders’ daily life. To show our gratefulness, Bivina has launched the limited edition specialized for Phu Quoc market: “Bivina – Pride of Pearl Island”. This is the brand’s sincere thanks to our consumers for their trust and loyalty from the very first days.

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