Since 1870, Amstel's legendary smoothness has become well-known in over 100 countries around the world.

150 Years And 115 Countries

Amstel has a rich heritage and history that spans almost 150 years. Its two founders: Charles de Pesters and Johannes van Marwijk Kooy, were brothers-in-law and also best friends.

Back then, they could not find a single beer in Amsterdam that they both liked. So they decided to create their own.

In 1870, the Amstel brewery was founded on the banks of the Amstel river in Amsterdam. The thirst for Amstel beer has crossed the border of the Netherlands, and reached 115 countries globally.

Legendary Smoothness

For Charles and Johannes, it was never about "getting things done" and all about "getting things right". That's how they created a signature blend of various malt and hops, which is the secret behind Amstel's distinctive smooth taste.

World Class Partnership

Amstel and sport go back a long way. The moment Amstel appeared in the hands of "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali in 1980 marked a significant milestone for beer lovers. Also, with a rich heritage backing European football, Amstel has rejuvenated its association with international football via a new sponsorship of the UEFA Europa League until 2021. This partnership extends Amstel's proud bond with the world's most popular game, having previously been a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League from 1994-2005.

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