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Collaboration with organizations & departments

In the brewing industry, Heineken Vietnam Brewery Limited Company (Heineken Vietnam Brewery) takes the lead in raising consumer awareness of responsible drinking.

As part of our efforts of building a culture of responsible drinking, Heineken Vietnam Brewery has collaborated with many government agencies and national and international organizations. Since 2008, Heineken Vietnam Brewery has become a pioneer by collaborating with the National Committee for Traffic Safety to launch a  campaign to raise public awareness of saying no to drink driving.

Various activities have been carried out and featured on the practical and enjoyable reality TV show “Know when” which share a number of tips on “Responsible Drinking” and road traffic safety.

Heineken Vietnam Brewery also joins hands with the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) to hold training courses on measures against alcohol violations by drivers, aiming at preventing and reducing traffic accidents. This activity is part of the “Global Action to Prevent Alcohol Abuse” program run by ICAP in many countries around the world. The collaboration between Heineken Vietnam Brewery and ICAP has brought about significant results in promoting public awareness of the alcohol abuse. ICAP is an international organization working in collaboration with governments and medical and social organizations around the globe, helping to expand knowledge as well as carrying out activities to highlight the problems related to alcohol abuse.

Furthermore, Heineken Vietnam Brewery also actively collaborated with Vietnam Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Association (VBA) to issue the “Marketing Guidelines for Vietnamese Beer Industry.” This was a noble gesture because until that point no official text had been used as guidelines for marketing activities of Vietnamese beer brands. As pointed out in the guidelines, promotional activities should not encourage any kind of excessive alcohol consumption or alcohol abuse, and particularly not encourage driving under the influence of alcohol.