We make a significant contribution to Vietnam through our business. We generate income by paying for supplies, salaries, taxes and sharing profits with our local shareholders. We support income generation upstream in our value chain through local procurement and downstream via the margins that our trade partners and distributors make. In 2017, HEINEKEN Vietnam is estimated to have contributed VND 42.3 trillion to Vietnam's economy – making up approximately 0.9% of Vietnam's total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Case study 1: Contributing to employment in Vietnam

In 2017, HEINEKEN Vietnam directly employed approximately 2,800 employees and supported over 156,000 indirect jobs across its value chain:

These include 32,400 jobs upstream related to sourcing of ingredients, packaging materials and services from Vietnamese suppliers. About 15,200 of these jobs rest among direct suppliers (e.g. raw materials, crownseals, paper and plastics) and services suppliers (e.g. transport, trade, and business services).

Downstream, 123,600 jobs are related to the distribution and sale of HEINEKEN Vietnam's beverages (approximately 78% of total employment impact). About 98,700 of these jobs are related to distributors and people working in outlets selling HEINEKEN Vietnam's products throughout the country. Another 24,900 jobs relate to suppliers (and sub-suppliers) of these direct trading partners.

To learn more about how we sustain prosperity for a Better Vietnam, read our full sustainability report [HERE].

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