HEINEKEN Vietnam is committed to improving the quality of life of all people across our value chain. We believe we can be the change we want to see in our communities and the world. People are the reason why we exist and the reason why we can continue to do so. They are the very foundation of the world we live in – today and into the future.

Case study 1: Tiger “Have Courage, Have it all”

We made responsible consumption aspirational, by injecting the spirit of responsible drinking into our Tiger Beer brand.

In 2017, we rolled out a new campaign, "HAVE COURAGE, HAVE IT ALL" at our Tiger Wall events. Tiger Wall 2017 – held in 10 cities over a span of 3 months, used unique experiences and fun interactive games to spread the message on responsible consumption. We shared an important message on courage – by exercising self-control and enjoying responsiblyto secure the health and safety of oneself and the people around. By having the courage not to bend to peer pressure and drink within your limits, we created a much more positive way of inspiring our fans to drink responsibly.

The campaign received over 15,600 pledges to drink responsibly and reached nearly 1 million people in an impactful way.

Case study 2: “Safety first” culture

HEINEKEN Vietnam has made significant efforts to improve our safety practices and performance. One of our key priorities is road safety for our employees, which is why we invested more than 2,680 hours of training on road safety in 2017.

One of our programs is the appointing of road safety officers, who brief drivers on safe road behaviours, support risk assessment of routes, and participate in collecting data and information and following up on accidents or near-misses. For every 50 company vehicles, we appoint 1 road safety officer.

Each year, HEINEKEN Vietnam also organizes a Health and Safety Day to raise safety awareness among staff members and their families. Through participating in activities, games and talks, our employees better appreciate the value of life and safety.

Case study 3: 1 minute less for 1 million smiles

In Vietnam and around the world, the demand for water is increasing, driven by a rapidly growing global population, urbanization and economic growth. Beyond improving our own water use and efficiency, we also invest in programs to improve water accessibility for communities.

Our signature program, "1 Minute Less for Million Smiles", aims to create real change by cultivating good water saving habits in people from young. For every 100,000 pledges or good deeds made by members of the public towards water conservation, HEINEKEN sponsors a water station in a water-scarce community. Through the campaign, we have helped build 22 clean water projects worth VND 13 billion, bringing millions of smiles to the needy community.

To learn more about how we take care of our people, read our full sustainability report [HERE].

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