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TIGER – A brief introduction

On a day in October, 75 years ago, the very first brew of Tiger appeared to the public in the great joy and happiness of the founders who made a “promise” to “give the world the most lively and the very best of Asia” through a kind of beer with its best flavour and quality. That “promise” is still deeply kept in mind of the leaders of this world premium brand.


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Ingredients used for brewing to create its characteristic flavour are the natural and purest ones,imported from the world quality-certified suppliers. Barley is grown and harvested in Australia and Europe where there has been a long history over centuries of cultivating the best kind of barley. The barley fields are often bought from the very beginning when the seeds are sown into, and they must be cultivated in a special process that was approved by the Tiger brewers.

Houblon (or hops in English) is what that makes the characteristic flavour of beers originating from German, “the cradle of brewing technology.” Particularly, the yeast used for brewing plays an important part, to the extend that it becomes a “secret” of any kind of beer. Even more particularly to Tiger beer, its yeast recipe is considered the top secret that is shared by a circle of few internal persons.

When it comes to water, not as simple as many can think, it plays such an important part that Tiger breweries are always located on sites containing the purest water source. But that’s not just good enough; the water must be drilled from the depth of 75 meters to make sure to get the purest water. Regularly, samples of water are analyzed for fear that it may change its original quality.

These excellent ingredients, then, are mixed with one another and fermented according to a particular formula to create a characteristic flavour. If it takes 200 hours to make an engine for a Formular One car, then 504 hours is what it takes to brew just a bottle of Tiger beer. And that’s the reason why Tiger beer constantly takes its lead in any contest of quality beers.

Furthermore, the quality control activities also play an important role which are conducted not only on the end products but throughout the process from the very beginning when ingredients are imported until the end when its products are launched to market. If there are about 41 technical testings conducted before each flight of Boeing 737, then there are 261 quality checks conducted on each bottle of Tiger to make certain that it remains the same unique and characteristic flavour worldwide.



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Tiger Crystal is a new variant of Tiger Beer. This new entrant makes its marks with its unique brewing process called "Cold Suspension". This technique helps to filter the brew at a cold temperature of -1 degree Celcius (Crystal Cold), preserving the most desired flavours and aromas for Tiger Crystal. Consequently, not only it meets the global quality standard  quality as seen with Tiger Beer, but also brings drinkers a clearly refreshing and easy-to-drink feeling.

Together with the brewing process of « Cold Suspension», the elegant bottle design of Tiger Crystal is what that makes it different from many other beer brands in the market. The bottle – which is crystal-clear with high and thin neck, and with its remarkable silver label – looks modern, stylish and attractive. This bottle design also enhances the light yellow and crystal-likeness of the beer contained inside.