Affligem is a heritage Belgian Abbey beer, made from the best ingredients with an unchanged recipe since 1074.

Affligem History

As impossible as it may seem, the peace-loving Affligem abbey was originally founded not by monks, but by warriors. By six knights who faced a vast and unrelenting dilemma. As knights, they owed their allegiance to the Holy Roman Emperor, but their souls belonged to God. They replaced their armour and weapons for the robes of monks and with permission from Anno II, the Archbishop of Cologne, they erected the Abbey of Affligem in 1074. Affligem was acquired by HEINEKEN in 2010.

Affligem, a Belgian Abbey Beer

Affligem is a certified Abbey Beer. It is commercially brewed, but has a clear, historical connection to the existing abbey. The monks of Affligem brewed the beers themselves up until the 1950’s. The recipes have been handed down through the generations since 1074 and have never been changed. Today, just a few kilometers from the abbey, in the small Flemish village of Opwijk, the men and women of the Affligem Brewery dedicate their working lives to the creation of Affligem ales.

Double Fermentation

After adding a small amount of sugar and yeast in each bottle the beer is left to rest for 14 days in a warm cellar. This transforms our beer into a stronger, more deeply flavoured, effervescent nectar and any off-notes are taken away.

Affligem yeast sinks to the bottom of the bottle, making the beer brighter and clearer than most unfiltered beers. You can enjoy the beer with or without the yeast – the “soul” of the beer.

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