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  • What are the conditions to preserve beer?

    Beer should be kept in a clean, cool, dry place, out of the direct sunlight and be avoided being frozen. Cold beer is more tasty.

  • What beer products are being offered by Heineken Vietnam Brewery?

    Heineken Vietnam Brewery has a broad portfolio of beers including Heineken, Desperados, Tiger, Tiger Crystal, Biere Larue, Biere Larue Export, BGI and Bivina.

  • How are Heineken Vietnam Brewery products being distributed to consumers?

    Heineken Vietnam Brewery products are brought to its consumers through a network of hundreds of distributors and thousands of outlets from Quang Binh to Ca Mau.

  • Does Heineken Vietnam Brewery use additives in its products?

    Heineken Vietnam Brewery products are brewed in a natural process, with no additives.

  • Am I allowed to visit to Heineken Vietnam Brewery brewery?

    Yes. Currently, Heineken Vietnam Brewery welcomes visitors from enterprises, universities and other organizations on a weekly basis.

  • How do I buy tickets for the brewery tour?

    We offer brewery tours free of charge. Please contact Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung - PR. (Tel: 08 38222755 #151; email: nguyenthithuy.dung@vbl.com.vn) for registration.